Merivaara Operating Table

Grand Promerix™ 

Increased efficiency in all surgical procedures.

Grand Promerix™ in Brief

Grand Promerix™ is heavy-duty, electro-hydraulic operating table for all kind of surgeries, meeting the strictest demands of modern operating theatres. With its modular construction, stable floor lock and comprehensive range of accessories, Promerix™ can be set up to the best possible configuration for each surgical procedure.

Grand Promerix™ provides open access to the operated area and excellent working ergonomics for the surgical team without compromising on patient safety.  You can choose among two different column options, Fixed model for e.g. bariatric surgery and sliding for surgeries where imaging is essential.

Grand Promerix™ is both easy to use and to maintain, it fulfils X-ray and C-arm requirements through its sliding possibility and reverse functions, as well as its wide table section material.​


  • Electro-hydraulic, mobile operating table

  • Battery capacity for up to one week of operations, table can be used during charging

  • Several control options e.g. cable and infrared control unit with backlight

  • Override panel in the column for emergency use

  • Fulfils X-ray and C-arm requirements

  • Hydraulic floor lock system with 4 cylinders

  • Wide range of accessories e.g. for spinal surgery and shoulder arthroscopy

  • Mattress options 65 mm IS mattress with pin or 80 mm visco-elastic memory foam

  • Maximum safe working load 275 kg (sliding), 325 kg (non-sliding)

  • Unique latching mechanism for table top sections

  • Base cover options stainless steel or ABS

  • Optional 5th wheel with or without powered drive function

  • PC Service software available

Hand Control

  • Back light function

  • LED-diagnostic lights for:

    • Patient orientation

    • Table’s battery status

    • Floor Lock status

    • 5th wheel status

  • Pre-programmed positions for:

    • Flex, Reflex, Beach Chair

    • M1 + M2 customer specific programmable positions

Available in both wired and IR connections.

Maximal sliding & stability

  • Designed for heavy duty use

  • Maximum safe working load is 275 kg

  • Electro hydraulic table for general and special fields of surgery

  • Modular construction with lightweight & quick detachable table sections offers ease of use 

  • Normal and reverse mode

  • Comprehensive range of accessories

Power supply

  • Battery operated operating table

  • Large battery capacity

  • Up to one week’s operations on a single charge

  • Mains power use

  • Table can be used during charging procedure

PC Software (for service and upgrades)

  • USB-connection to PC

  • Virtual hand set

  • Software upgrades

  • Setting the parameters

  • Setting the pre-programmed positions

  • Diagnostics

Base, Castors & Floor Lock

  • Four strong double castors to carry the table and the patient - easy to move

  • Reliable electro-hydraulic Floor Lock with four cylinders - stable locking to desired location in operating room

  • Optional fifth wheel

Override-panel in the column

  • Full hardwired override for:

    • Height

    • Trendelenburg

    • Lateral Tilt

    • Back

    • Leg and Floor Lock

  • Diagnostic LED-lights for: Patient Orientation, Battery Status, Floor Lock and 5th wheel


Looking to control your Promerix™ tables remotely?



Merimote™ is a multifunctional remote control for Merivaara operating room equipment. It controls Q-Flow surgical lights and cameras as well as Promerix™ operating tables. With its intuitive touch screen Merimote™ guides the user to get full advantage of the working environment.


Operating room staff can control surgical lights and cameras outside the sterile operating area without disturbing the operators.

Grand PROMERIX Technical Data

Grand Promerix™ Accessories

When equipped with these high-quality accessories Promerix™ tables are also suitable for many specialized procedures. The safe and easy fixing and ergonomic design ensure a smooth surgical process with less time demands. 

All materials used have been carefully selected. The soft, body conforming surfaces provide comfort and safety for the patient, as well as meeting surgical requirements.

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