LymphaTouch® LT01

Combines gentle negative pressure and mechanical vibration to enhance lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling and scars, and fascia release.

Efficient Therapy

The LymphaTouch FDA Class 1 Exempt device based on negative pressure and mechanical vibration. This form of treatment enhances manual therapy, and enables the therapists to work more efficiently. In addition, LymphaTouch allows your patient to get concrete results on improvement, faster. LymphaTouch is widely used in lymphedema management both for primary and secondary lymphedema care.

Convenient Care

Use LymphaTouch as part of your preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation. This form of therapy enhances and promotes faster recovery and recovery from surgery, while supporting rehabilitation in orthopedic patients. The unique design of this treatment option helps prevent scar tissue formation through improved oxidation and lymphatic circulation. LymphaTouch offers the most convenient treatment options for hip and knee replacement patients, dislocation injuries, and other acute trauma fractures.

Faster Recovery

LymphaTouch treatments are an excellent option for injury prevention and recovery from operations and injury. The LymphaTouch decreases static stress related pain through decompression, and help reduce pain caused by the overuse of muscles. By applying a powerful treatment application to injuries such as ankle sprains, hematomas, and traumas, the LymphaTouch helps relieve discomfort and promotes overall recovery.

Active Rehabilitation

By using the adjustable settings provided by LymphaTouch® you are able to provide an individualized, active rehabilitation treatment for your patient. The LymphaTouch® is suitable for treating both acute and chronic conditions. This design offers a pleasant and comfortable treatment experience and can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of your patients.

Improving Joint Functionality

Use the LymphaTouch to improve joint functionality and range of motion though effective joint care. LymphaTouch can be used to activate the transportation of fluids in your patient’s subcutaneous tissue, and increase oxygen and nutrient flow. By using negative pressure, apply LymphaTouch directly over joint interspaces to help improve range of motion.

Customizable Treatment

LymphaTouch device has five different sizes of treatment cups, to allow you to always choose the most fitting treatment cup for the treated body area. Available treatment cup sizes: 80 mm, 60 mm, 50 mm, and 35mm. The 35 mm and 50 mm treatment cups are especially suitable for treating smaller areas of the body, like scars, adhesions, or facial area. Larger 60 mm and 80 mm treatment cups are recommended for treatments of wider areas of the body, like torso and limbs.

"LymphaTouch® has cut down the treatment time of lymphedema patients with fibrous skin by a week, sometimes even two weeks compared to just using manual therapy."

Kathryn McGinty, PTA, CLT, Johns Hopkins Hospital

"The first patient we used it injury (ruptured capsule of ankle joint) that would normally take up to four to six weeks [to heal], within ten days we’ve got somebody who's really quite fit and raring to go.”

Cathie Stone, physiotherapist (PT)

5 LymphaTouch Treatment Areas

1. Oncology

For primary and secondary lymphedema care, choose LymphaTouch!


When lymph nodes are removed or radiated it may predispose the body to lymphatic swelling. Use LymphaTouch for lymphedema management and follow-up.


This treatment tool is excellent for patients diagnosed with head, neck, breast, ovarian, or prostate cancer.

2. Orthopedics

Give your patients enhanced treatments and an active recovery with LymphaTouch.


Preoperative and postoperative swelling and scars is common among orthopedic patients. Use LymphaTouch before or after surgery to improve lymphatic circulation, limit scar tissue formation, and provide pain relief.


This treatment option is excellent for dislocation injuries, acute traumas, and knee or hip replacements.

3. Sports

Reduce the downtime of injured athletes through muscle maintenance and recovery!


Trauma and overuse of muscles can lead to weak muscles, prolonged recovery, and reinjury.


Use LymphaTouch as a powerful treatment and form of relief in the case of ankle sprains, contusion traumas, hematomas, and overuse-related conditions.

4. Neurology

For adjustable and specific pain management, choose LymphaTouch for your patients.


Use this form of treatment to manage acute and chronic pain. LymphaTouch helps improve joint mobility and reduces muscle tightness.


Neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injuries, and neuropathy cause pain that can be managed by using the LymphaTouch.

5. Musculoskeletal Disorders

To give your patients effective joint care and an improved range of motion, use LymphaTouch.


A variety of illnesses and conditions may reduce the oxygen and nutrient flow into the joint tissues, causing pain. LymphaTouch is designed to help manage this pain.


Use LymphaTouch to increase limited range of motion caused by tennis elbow, shoulder impingements, plantar fasciitis, and a variety of knee conditions.