Elastic Shoulder Sling (ESS)

For pain relief & further injury prevention

This product is a product for the reduction of the pain of the patient whose shoulder joints are unstable of the prevention of the recurrence of the pain, and is a shoulder guard that is equipped to support and fix the shoulder muscles and joints to relocate them.

This product maintains the original, normal position of the joints by supporting the elbow joints, and tilting back the shoulders that are strained forward.

It covers the shoulder joints to present higher stability than the shoulder guards in general, and is effective in correcting the posture.

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  • By using an elastic belt for the role of pulling up the upper arm, it pulls up the drooping shoulder joints and muscles, and reduces the immoderate strength put on the muscles and sinews in the shoulder.

  • By fixing the arms with the integral control pad attached on the whole area of the chest, it reduces the excessive weight on the shoulders and arms caused by the stretched muscles, and prevents the numbness in hands and swelling.

  • As a special pad (option) for the serious cases, the function that lifts the joint of the shoulder, the drooping shoulder which is difficult to correct even with the shoulder elastic bandage, from the elbow has been added.

  • It is wearable on the clothes and structured to be easily removed.


Hemiplegic shoulder, dislocation of shoulder joints, incomplete dislocation of shoulder joints(-subluxation), unstable shoulder, rotator damage, post-operation of rotator damage, should muscle ache (strain), shoulder sprain, shoulder bruise, shoulder muscular atrophy, shoulder related post-neurological damage.

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It is designed to pull up the weakened brachial muscles by using elastic fabrics. To avoid any issues in blood circulation when equipped, the width is widely damage.


The fabrics that are excellent in air permeability are used for the front and backside, so it does not get sweaty even when equipped for a long time.


The special pad (option) is a product for the serious cases, and can be used for the prevention and treatment of dislocation of the shoulder joint that is hard to correct with the shoulder elastic pad.