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Elastic Knee Stabilizer with Compression Taping

For pain relief & further injury prevention

It is a knee guard excellent in ventilation and durability featuring a pressure tape attached to it. It holds excellent functionality in soothing patellofemoral pain syndrome and osteoarthritis by putting concentrated, extra pressure on the patellar tendon and improves the knee movement and stabilizes a joint by supporting the weakened muscle, sinew, and ligament.

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This product is a knee fixing pressure bandage to wear for pressuring, supporting, and fixing the knee and the muscles around it to soothe the pain of osteoarthritis patients or prevent the recurrence.


  • Taping the upper part puts pressure on the quadriceps femur muscles to enhance the muscle strength.

  • Taping the side prevents the patella from escaping to the side.

  • Taping the lower part pulls up the knee to the upper part to stabilize it.

  • Made of elastic fabric to have strong pressure to reduce the pain and swelling.

  • The upper and lower bandages prevent the pad from slipping down.

  • Wearable when going out as a stocking type product.

This product stabilizes the knee by pulling up the patella to the upper part, and improves the movement of the knee by enhancing the muscle strength through pressuring the weakened quadriceps femur muscles, and the degenerative change of the outer patellofemoral joint cause a misalignment of the knee joint and induces the pain by increasing the contact pressure on the biggest patellofemoral area while walking, this product realigns the state of anatomical misalignment that a knee is tilted towards the outside of the axial side by pressuring and supporting the knee to be effective in soothing the pain of knee osteoarthritis patients and improving the functional ability such as walking speed, step test, and timed up and go test and so on.


Osteoarthritis, patellofemoral pain syndrome, rheumathritis, post-traumatic edema or pain, post-operative pain relief, patellar malalignment syndrome, Hoffa’s Syndrome and so on.

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Elastic Knee Stabilizer with Compression Taping’s front consists of a highly elastic bandage in the upper and lower parts to solve the discomfort due to the slipping down when wearing for a long time.


Side is made of the weaving structure excellent in ventilation to prevent the sweat or humidity from filling inside despite the long time use to offer comfort when wearing it.


Backside is made of soft and slip material to remove the inconvenience due to the pad folding when walking or sitting down.


Innerside is processed with the dual soft fabrics being improved from the coarse surface that has been the downside of spandex to solve the rashes caused by the friction between the skin and the fabric that occurs when moving around after wearing it.

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