Oakworks CFPM Series C-Arm Imaging Tables

Imaging table intended for use with mobile or compact stationary C-arm Imaging Systems.

Benefits for the Doctor

  • Low attenuation carbon fiber table top, with choice of integrated headrest top with face hole or rectangular top

  • Rock solid lifting tower for better imaging

  • Choose from 5 different motions

Benefits for the Patient

  • Industry leading height range makes getting on & off the table easy

  • Very stable design for greater security

  • Table top pad & safety strap included for patient comfort & security

Benefits for the Hospital

  • Low maintenance, all electric design

  • FDA listed to ensure safety & compliance

  • Excellent customer service support

  • Industry leading warranty 3 years parts, 2 years labor


  • Low-profile based can be moved easily from room to room and secured with four locking casters.

  • Designed to provide a 56-inch, metal-free imaging area for maximum C-arm efficiency.

  • Comes with one standard hand control, one foot control.

  • Carbon fiber top is capable of a 10" (25 cm) manual longitudinal travel, 15° Trendelenburg tilt, 12° reverse Trendelenburg tilt and 15° Lateral tilt while at the same time supporting up to 500 lbs (227 kg) of patient weight.

  • Safe and secure wheelchair transfer due to its extra-low height range.

  • Available with either a rectangular top or integrated headrest.


  • Table Top Dimensions: 22" (56 cm) × 84" (213 cm) Carbon Fiber with Integrated Head Rest

  • Metal Free Imaging Area: 56" (142 cm)

  • Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs. (227 kg.)

  • Frame: Single Tower Steel Base

  • Electronics: 110VAC lift motor + 2x24VDC tilting motors

  • Controls: 1 foot control + 1 hand control + power kill switch

  • Table Weight: 415 lbs. (188 kg.)

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Recommended Accessories

Carbon Fiber Arm Board

  • Fully radiolucent

  • 180º range of motion

  • Comes with removable pad

  • Requires no mounting or attachment hardware - slides under table top pad

  • Compatible with any model Pain Management C-Arm table

  • Folds together for safe and compact storage

  • Slides under the table top pad and can easily support the arm in a positionary range of 180°.