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The hand therapy world champion.

AMADEO® in Brief

  • Robotics and sensor-based rehabilitation devices for use with either hand

  • Assistive and interactive therapies for individual fingers and thumbs movements

  • Patients can be set-up quickly and easily

  • Arm supports can be changed quickly

  • Can be used by adults and children in all rehabilitation phases

  • Can be used by patients with spasticity, or those with high tone

  • Objective assessments and reports

  • Four assessment programs (strength, ROM, tone, spasticity)

  • Sensation and individual movement therapy

  • CPM Plus, EMG, spasticity treatment


  • Supports the resolution of spasticity as well as the testing of tactile sensibility

  • EMG-based training enables active therapy even without muscular strength

  • Passive, assistive and active modes possible

  • Offers support in just the right intensity by establishing force limits, speed and range of motion

  • Adjustable to every patient: Height of the table, position of the hand unit in pronation and supination, spread of the finger movement

Simple handling
Adaptable to the patient
Therapies and assessments
Objectification by measurements
High efficiency - Saves time and energy

Fun and motivation
Visible improvements
Suitable device for every body region
Therapist focuses on patient

Advantages for Professionals

Advantages for


AMADEO® in Practice

  • Range of motion assessment

  • Force assessment

  • Spasticity assessment & treatment

  • Movement therapies – CPM Plus

  • Sensitivity training

  • Serious Gaming in one- and two-dimenional movements

  • Surface Electromyography